2013-08-22 02:24:23 by Allisawn

I'm kind of bummed out, I don't have any art classes this semester. I guess it's because I used everything up by taking drawing and mixed media at the same time last year, oops. I'm taking a digital media class next semester, however, but that freaks me out a little because I don't really have any experience with digital art or photography (with the exception of cellphone snapshots) so we'll see how that goes!
And I mean of course I've still been drawing, and doodling in class, so everything's cool whatevaaaa



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2013-08-22 02:47:04


Allisawn responds:



2013-09-29 08:25:21

you are a great artist never stop expressing yourself

Allisawn responds:

This has got to be one of the nicest messages I’ve ever received, especially on newgrounds. Thank you so much!


2013-10-11 15:03:01

about taking digital media class just be cool... i mean your there to learn right? i like doodling in class too but this days i cant think of anything new and that kinda pisses me of....BUUT anyways i wish you the best in anything you do and keep up with your work its fuckin great!! :D

Allisawn responds:

Thanks a lot! I’ll try my best in the digital art class, too, it’s all I can do right? I like your drawings too, by the way-more ideas will come to you!


2013-10-20 01:36:39

For those moments when insecurity hits, abstract stick figures will always be there!

Allisawn responds:

hahaha very true